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Many violent crimes are designated as measure 11 crimes.

Domestic Violence

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction, are exceptionally serious.

Drug Crimes

Due to the consequences of a drug conviction, seeking legal counsel is wise.

Gun Charges

There are special statutes in place that require extensive prison time for most gun crimes.

Property Crimes

Theft and Burglary are known as property crimes, that sometimes require a prison sentence.

Sex Crimes

Early intervention in sexually-based accusations is incredibly important.

Violent Crimes

These crimes generally fall into the categories of Assault, Robbery, and Kidnapping.

Vehicular Crimes

Vehicular crimes can never be expunged from your record, you cannot get rid of them.

Who We Are

Portland Oregon Defense Attorney

As a founding partner of the law firm Kroll & Johnson P.C., Edward Kroll specializes in aggressive criminal defense for those accused of a crime. Mr. Kroll is 100% dedicated to criminal defense throughout Oregon and does not accept any other type of case. He is a former Portland prosecutor, and in his career, he has conducted over 150 jury trials. Needless to say, his experience in the courtroom, and his knowledge of how the prosecution thinks, gives his clients the excellent criminal representation that they need.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose Kroll & Johnson P.C. to represent you:


Kroll & Johnson P.C. has conducted over 150 jury trials, from both sides of the aisle. They will use this knowledge to aggressively attack the prosecution’s case and present the best defense possible. Having a skilled defense attorney who is comfortable in the courtroom can make a big difference.


Many attorneys specialize in just telling clients what the client wants to hear. That may be a good way to get business in the door, but it can lead to troubling results down the road. Kroll & Johnson P.C. promise their clients that they will get a full, frank, and honest assessment of their case. You are coming to a criminal defense lawyer to get help, not to get patted on the head and reassured. It is only through an in-depth discussion of the strengths – and weaknesses – of your case that we can plan the best defense. Once we have all the facts, then we can go to work. You will be informed of everything, every step of the way. There will be no surprises, and you will know what to expect.


Kroll & Johnson P.C. will fight your case, tooth and nail, to the end. Whatever you choose – a plea bargain or a trial – we will aggressively pursue the best possible resolution. We will make sure you understand your options and are completely informed. If you decide to go to trial, then we will present the best possible case to the judge and the jury. Kroll & Johnson P.C.’s trial experience will be a valuable asset as you fight the accusations against you.


  • “NOT GUILTY! after 2 days jury trial, I am free again, I am so grateful that I had Mr. Kroll as my attorney. He really cared about me and my family, very experienced and working hard, understand situation caused by different cultures, really an excellent lawyer, he is the best.”

  • Ed scored a touchdown and made the two point conversion on my case. Simply put, he blew the prosecution out of the water. For this, I am eternally grateful. It was a pleasure to watch from a front row seat. Being a former prosecutor, he has the inside track on the game inside the courthouse, and he always keeps it professional — above the fray.

  • “If you have any legal issues and you haven’t called Edward Kroll, you are making a big mistake. I was charged with 4 felony counts. I had interviewed 5 attorneys to represent me because I needed the best. I finally decided on Edward Kroll. He wasn’t the cheapest nor was he the most expensive….”