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Computers surround us in every aspect of our lives and are even embedded in many items that we use everyday. They are everywhere. The term “computer crimes” is a very broad term and can refer to many different actions taken by an individual.

In Oregon, anyone who knowingly accesses or attempts to access or use any computer, computer system or computer network that they should not have access to is committing a crime. Anyone using such systems to obtain money, property or services, stealing from someone or attempting to defraud someone will also face criminal charges.

For example, if Johnny uses his computer to hack into Susan’s network or computer and attempts or to obtain her passwords, he could face criminal charges. If he steals her passwords and uses them to access her online accounts, he would face even more criminal charges.

If Mary gains illegal access to a work network she is not authorized to use and accesses information based on her access, she could face criminal charges as well.

Crimes through computers often involve stealing identifying information or passwords, but can cause greater damage and carry stiffer fines and penalties in today’s world. However, accessing information is not the only computer crime that exists.

Anyone who destroys data, computer equipment or networks may also face criminal charges.  So many individuals and companies rely heavily on their computer systems so anything that compromises those equipment and systems can cause significant damage.

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