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Are Pocket Breathalyzers Accurate?

Some people buy their own breathalyzer in an effort to prevent a drunk driving charge. They hope that they can use this breathalyzer to gauge their blood-alcohol content to ensure they are OK to drive. Unfortunately, many of these breathalyzers are imprecise and should not be relied upon to protect you against a DUI. As a drunk driving lawyer, it is best to avoid drinking entirely if you are going to be driving. Otherwise, you may find yourself over the limit and in a lot of trouble.

Most of the breathalyzers sold to the general public are just for entertainment purposes. They can be fun to play around with and will be good for a laugh or two with your friends. But the instruments police use are much more accurate and are generally calibrated to ensure accuracy. There is a big difference between just a few tenths of a point when you are driving.

That said, the instruments police use need to be properly tested to guarantee accuracy. If they have not been tested recently or there is some uncertainty as the results, it is entirely possible to have this evidence dismissed. This can be the difference between a conviction and having a case dropped entirely. Before simply pleading guilty to your charges, speak to a drunk driving lawyer who can explain exactly what they can do for you.

At Kroll & Johnson, we have helped clients throughout Portland and across Oregon get the help they need with their DUII charges. We know how terrible it can be to face a drunk driving arrest and we will aggressively fight for your liberty. We will do everything we can to achieve the best results possible for your particular case. For a free consultation to discuss your arrest, contact Kroll & Johnson today.

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