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Beware of Talking to Police without a Portland Defense Lawyer

Police interrogations are common after a person has been arrested. Even if a person is just suspected of a crime, the police may want to gather information to help with their case. Some people try to speak to police on their own, thinking they will appear guilty if they request a lawyer. This is almost always a mistake. If you have been arrested or are a suspect in a crime, contact a Portland defense lawyer immediately to help you. This way, you can be sure your rights are respected throughout the process.

Innocent people will often try to speak to police to clear up the situation, believing the police to be on their side. The truth is the police are often more convinced with closing a case than with finding a guilty person. They are speaking to you because they hope to gather evidence against you and they hope to find holes in your story. By having an attorney at your side, you can be sure that you don’t inadvertently give evidence to the police.

Some people worry that this request will make them appear guilty. They think only a guilty person needs a lawyer. This is absolutely not the case. A jury will never know that you requested a lawyer during your interrogation and it cannot be held against you in a court of law. But if you make statements to the police that are damaging, that can absolutely be entered into evidence. Before you help the police build their case against you, demand a defense lawyer and remain silent.

At Kroll & Johnson, we have helped clients throughout Portland and across Oregon with their arrest. We know how scary it can be to be arrested and we will help during this difficult time. If you have been arrested or worry that you may be suspect in a crime, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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