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Firms Hired To Implement Community Oversight

Pursuant to a settlement with the federal government in 2014, the city of Portland is moving to implement a Committee on Community-Engaged Policing. Two firms have been hired to advise the committee in its work. They are Training 4 Transformation, and the Brad Taylor Group. As noted here previously, there were numerous complaints of excessive […]

High Profile Case Shows Defense Team’s Importance

Defense lawyers for an indicted FBI agent are questioning expert testimony related to a shooting at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, after it had been occupied, reports the Oregonian. FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita has been indicted for allegedly lying about firing two shots at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on January 26, 2016. Finicum later died […]

Accused of DUII

If you’re accused of DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) in Oregon, it’s important to know certain aspects of the legal process. If you fail a breath or blood test–or refuse one–your license will be suspended. The privilege of driving in Oregon is subject to what is known as “implied consent” to breath or […]

Police Faulted In Protest Response

The Portland police have been sued 6 times in the last couple of years for excessive force, The Oregonian reports. National attention on police brutality, and the presidential election provided the impetus for the protests, among other things. The lawsuits emphasize what plaintiffs see as the increasing militarization of the police, as well as unjustified […]

Recent Changes Highlight Able Criminal Defense

Recent proposed laws indicating changes to how Oregon handles convictions for domestic violence and lesser related crimes make the need for great criminal defense crucial. Know and exercise your right to remain silent. Recognize the importance of speaking only to an attorney. Don’t panic at the state’s mandatory arrest policy. Don’t get into an argument […]

Community Oversight Of Police Not Yet Implemented

A community oversight committee intended to respond to the findings of a Department of Justice investigation has not been been implemented, the Oregonian reports. The federal investigation found numerous abuses of suspects, as previously noted. The predecessor committee was disbanded, and has yet to be re-formed, though it has been over a year. A request […]

Oregon House Votes To Close “Boyfriend Loophole”

The Oregon House of Representatives voted Thursday to close a so-called “loophole” regarding domestic violence charges and the right to bear arms, Oregon Public Broadcasting reports. The vote was 37-23. The measure would prohibit citizens from owning firearms if they have been convicted of domestic violence or stalking, irrespective of marital status or legal relationship […]

Death Row Inmate Denied New DNA Testing

Marion County Circuit judge Channing Bennett denied a request for new DNA testing in the case of a man convicted of aggravated murder in 2004. The murder took place in March, 1998. The victim was stabbed repeatedly. The defendant, Jesse L. Johnson, requested new testing on numerous items, including some that had been tested before. […]