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Can I Afford a Portland Defense Lawyer?

Some people hesitate to contact a Portland defense lawyer because they worry that it will cost too much money. They then go in and plead guilty to the charges, hoping to at least save some money on their case. In general, this is a very bad idea. A criminal defense attorney is more affordable than you think and can do everything possible to achieve the best outcome possible for your criminal charges. Before pleading guilty, contact Kroll & Johnson for a free consultation.

During this free consultation, we will listen to the charges against you and explain your options. There is no obligation or pressure during this consultation. Our only goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision for you and your family. If you ultimately decide to plead guilty after this consultation, we will certainly not try to stop you. This means that you have literally nothing to lose by taking advantage of this free consultation.

During this discussion, we can also talk about fees and what you can expect to pay. In general, we try to bill on a flat-fee basis. Because we have substantial experience with many criminal matters, we generally know how much time we expect to spend on a particular matter. This flat-fee arrangement means that there are no surprises for our clients – we quote you a price for our services, and that is all you will pay. For more complex cases, we may have to charge an hourly rate. But we will set a fee schedule with you (either flat-fee or hourly) so you can decide on the option that best fits into your budget.

At Kroll & Johnson, we believe everyone should have the right to a high-quality defense lawyer. We try to work with our clients to find a number that works for their pocketbook while still providing them the vigorous defense they deserve. For a free consultation to discuss your criminal matter, contact Kroll & Johnson today.

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