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Crimes Involving Child Pornography

Many people do not realize that viewing some forms of pornography can bring about criminal charges. As a Portland criminal attorney, we have seen the changing landscape of pornography and pornography charges throughout the years as technology changes and advances. Officials are better able to monitor activity and even if someone accidentally falls upon images involving children he or she can face serious, life-altering charges. It is not uncommon for someone to face charges and not fully understand why they are facing such charges.

We are not here to judge in our office, but are here to help you. The truth is, the line is often blurred and if you are convicted of even one count involving child pornography, you may have to register as a child sex offender long after you have served your time or paid the penalty for the crime.

Not only would that affect where you live and where you are freely able to go, but may have implications in your future jobs or employment opportunities, chances to raise your children and be involved in their lives.

Even images that have long since been deleted from your computer may come back to haunt you later. Technological advances can retrieve long-gone images and prosecutors can use those to build a case against you.

If you are facing any type of child pornography charges, whether it is possessing, distributing, financing or any other aspect, it is crucial to speak with a Oregon criminal attorney right away who will be able to fight to protect your freedom. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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