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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland: Crime at Historic Lows

As a criminal defense lawyer in Portland it is important to look at crime trends and how they affect this community. A recently released study showed that crime in Portland is down to levels not seen in a half century. Recent statistics show that crime is at its lowest point since the mid 1960s, with violent crime in particular down 9%. Crime analysts suggest this is due to a decrease in the usage of crack cocaine and an increase in police technology. Portland had its highest crime rate in the late 1980s as crack cocaine use was at its peak. In spite of this decline, Portlanders surveyed had the impression that crime had gone up. This is due in part to mass media and sensationalized crime stories.

A Closer Look at Crime from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Portland

This trend in Portland follows a national trend that shows violent crime decreasing around the nation. For a criminal defense lawyer in Portland this raises some very interesting questions about why the crime rate has been falling consistently in Portland and around the country for the past twenty years. While no single answer proves definitive there are some theories as to contributing factors including:

  • Proliferation of cell phone cameras and surveillance cameras
  • Drop in demand for crack cocaine
  • Analyzing crime trends which identify high crime areas
  • Rise in video games that keeps kids off the streets

Regardless of the exact reason there is no doubt that crime has been trending down and will hopefully continue to do so.

People still will be charged with crimes, however, and will still need the services of a criminal defense lawyer in Portland. If you have been charged with a crime whether it is a misdemeanor or felony the law firm of Corbridge & Kroll, LLC will fight for your rights.

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