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Drug Charges

Portland Drug Crime Attorney

Criminal drug charges of any level and quantity are serious matters.  While Federal Law generally dictates the sale and use of controlled substances, most enforcement is done on the state and local level.  The Feds are usually only interested in very large quantities, along with extensive distribution networks.  The vast majority of drug crimes are prosecuted locally.

However, that doesn’t make the penalties any less severe.  Possession of certain amounts of drugs can carry mandatory prison sentences, regardless of a person’s past history.  Certain facts can enhance a relatively simple drug charge into a major difficulty.  For example, the college student who shares a marijuana joint with a friend is likely guilty of possession only.  But if the friend kicks in a couple of bucks, then the student is now a drug dealer – he has delivered a controlled substance, for consideration (money).  He now faces major felony charges and his future is in jeopardy.

Drug crimes in Oregon are charged as either Possession, Delivery, or Manufacture.  Possession (PCS) is exactly what it sounds like – simple possession, usually of minimal amounts, with no other aggravating factors.  Delivery (DCS) is associated with the sale of drugs.  However, Oregon law allows one to be charged with delivery based on having packaging materials or even just a certain amount of drugs – no actual sale is necessary.  Manufacturing (MCS) involves making or growing the drug directly.

Due to the consequences of a drug conviction, seeking legal counsel is wise.

Edward Kroll is a former prosecutor, who understands the complexities of Oregon’s drug laws.  He will work aggressively to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients, whether through negotiating a beneficial deal or fighting to have evidence suppressed at trial.

He has experience in dealing with charges involving

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