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Commercial Drug Offenses

Commercial Drug Offenses in Oregon

A commercial drug offense is a modifier that attaches to a standard Possession, Delivery, and Manufacturing charges.  It enhances the penalties one might normally face, and can involve substantial prison time.

What Is a Commercial Drug Offense?

To convict a person of a Commercial Drug Offense, the state must prove not only the underlying Possession, Delivery, or Manufacture, but also at least three of the following factors:

  • Possession of drug manufacturing equipment
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Possession of materials used for packaging or sale of controlled substances (e.g. scales, baggies, etc)
  • Possession of customer lists or transactions of sales
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Possession of firearms
  • Possession of $300 or more in cash
  • Delivery of the drug for consideration (i.e. money)
  • Using public lands to manufacture or cultivate drugs
  • Constructing fortifications or installing security measures around the drug area with the intent and potential of injuring people

In addition, the quantity of the drug can be a factor in determining if the offense is a commercial drug offense.  If you possess more than 110 grams of marijuana , 8 grams of methamphetamine or cocaine , or 3 grams of heroin , then this becomes a factor in determining a commercial drug offense.

Edward Kroll will fight these allegations in many different ways, paying special attention to the conduct of law enforcement.  If your rights were violated during your stop, search and arrest, then this could lead to suppression of evidence against you.  If the police used a search warrant, we will make sure it was executed properly and that the police did not exceed the bounds of the warrant.  If law enforcement did make any mistakes, it could lead to evidence being suppressed, or even your case being dismissed.

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