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Portland, Oregon Heroin Defense Lawyer

The recent increase in heroin deaths in the Portland metro area has spurred a law enforcement and prosecution crackdown on all charges involving this substance.  More people are being arrested, and more people are being charged.

The consequences of even a minor possession charge can be far-reaching.  When the charge is one of delivery or manufacture, the penalties are severe, and often include substantial prison terms.  If you or a loved one is facing a heroin-related charge, having the advice of an experienced attorney is important.

Edward Kroll is a former prosecutor who understands just how seriously the state takes heroin-related charges.  He will provide an aggressive defense to any charge, and work tirelessly to obtain a result that is fair and just.

Heroin Charges in Oregon

As with other drugs, the types of charges with heroin are Possession, Delivery, and Manufacture.  Ownership of a certain amount of the drug, along with other things can classify a Possession, Delivery, or Manufacturing charge as a Commercial Drug Offense , carrying enhanced penalties.

All penalties are enhanced if the act takes place within 1,000 feet of a school.  If the person is charged with Delivery of Heroin to a Minor, there is the potential for 34 – 72 months in prison, even if the person has no priors.  If the Delivery or Manufacture involved substantial quantities, then there is the potential for 34-130 months in prison.

The Federal “Len Bias” crime could also apply, if you deliver heroin to a person who later dies of an overdose.

Edward Kroll will fight the prosecution and do everything to obtain a positive result in such a case.  A large part of any drug defense case involves challenging each part of law enforcement contact with you – the stop, the search, and the arrest.  If your rights were violated during any part of this contact, that could lead to suppression of incriminating evidence, and even dismissal of your case.

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Edward Kroll understands the difficulty that a heroin charge can bring.  If you or a loved one is facing charges, contact Portland heroin defense lawyer Edward Kroll today for a free and confidential consultation, so we can prepare your defense.

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