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Oregon probably considers methamphetamine abuse to be its biggest drug problem.  Our state has severely restricted access to even the base ingredients of meth, making it illegal to purchase pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

Almost all methamphetamine charges in Oregon are felonies, and they carry severe consequences.  Unfortunately, the people who fall victim to meth are often not the upper-tier distributors and manufacturers.  However, the harsh penalties fall on them, and further derail a life already affected by drug abuse.

If you or a loved one faces meth-related charges, you need a defense attorney who understands the law and is willing to take on the state at every opportunity.

Edward Kroll is a former prosecutor who has handled meth cases from both sides of the aisle.  He understands the devastation that meth, both in its use and its criminal penalties can bring.  He will stand up and fight the state to secure a fair result.

Oregon Methamphetamine Charges

Like other drugs, meth charges come in 3 levels – possession, delivery, and manufacturing.  Possession is generally a Class C misdemeanor, Delivery a Class B, and Manufacturing a Class A.  Ownership of a certain amount of the drug, along with other things can classify a Possession, Delivery, or Manufacturing charge as a Commercial Drug Offense, carrying enhanced penalties.

If the criminal act took place within 1,000 feet of a school, the penalties are enhanced.  As with other drugs, delivery to a minor, depending on other circumstances can mandate 34 – 72 months in prison.  Delivery or manufacture of substantial quantities can bring a prison sentence of 34 – 130 months.  Although the state prosecutors handle most meth charges, extremely large quantities can draw federal attention, bringing along a host of new problems and even stiffer sentences.

Edward Kroll will attack the state’s case at every opportunity.  Many drug cases are decided based on the actions that the police took when they stopped, searched, and arrested you.  Many overzealous police officers can wind up violating your constitutional rights during this process.  If your rights were violated, then this could lead to the evidence against you being suppressed, and possibly even having your case dismissed.

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Edward Kroll has dealt with meth charges for many clients, and understands the laws and the consequences in this area.  If you or a loved is facing charges, contact Portland methamphetamine defense attorney Edward Kroll today for a free and confidential consultation, so we can discuss your defense.

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