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Eligibility For The Diversion Program

A DUII is a serious charge, but if you are facing your first-ever DUII, then you may be eligible for the Diversion program. The Diversion program serves many purposes, including removing a DUII off your record without a conviction.

In order to qualify, you must not have had any court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment of any kind in the past 15 years, you must not have had a DUII-related incident in the past 15 years, and you must not have been convicted of vehicular assault, manslaughter, or homicide in the past 15 years.  Additionally, you cannot have a commercial driver’s license, and you cannot have injured anyone with your intoxicated driving.

There are many requirements in the Diversion program, but often it is well worth it.

In order to finish it, you must complete a state-approved alcohol and/or drug treatment program at your own expense.

During your entire time in the program, you must have an interlock ignition device installed on any vehicle you drive. This will measure any amount of alcohol on your breath and disable the vehicle.

You must be willing to completely abstain from alcohol during the entire program. Finally, you must pay all court fines and fees.

Once the program is completed, you will have your DUII removed off your record without conviction. Should you be suspected of another DUII however, the information is available to law officials and the courts and you will not be eligible for the program again.

Diversion is an attractive option to many people facing DUII charges for the first time, but it has significant risks and obstacles.  Discuss your case with your Oregon defense attorney to see if Diversion is the right choice for you.

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