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Fighting a Probation Violation with an Oregon Defense Attorney

For people convicted of a crime, they will almost certainly face probation as part of their sentence. This can be supervised, which means that an offender will be subjected to certain reporting requirements, or unsupervised, which does not. Regardless of the supervision requirements, however, if a person is arrested while on probation it could lead to serious problems. An Oregon Defense Attorney can help prevent the problems that come with a probation violation and help keep you out of jail.

The Dangers of a Violation from an Oregon Defense Attorney


The reason a probation violation is so serious is because the prosecution could choose to fight for prison time based on the original charges. For instance, if someone is on probation for a Class A Misdemeanor and they get arrested again, they could then face a year in jail for the original charges plus any additional charges that stem from the new arrest.

And it doesn’t have to be something incredibly serious for the court to revoke your probation and instead put a person in jail. Even if it is just a minor criminal offense or just a traffic ticket, it needs to be taken seriously. An Oregon Defense Attorney will work to prevent jail time from this probation violation and any additional charges you may face.

If you are on probation and you have been arrested, contact Kroll & Johnson right away. We will aggressively challenge any evidence against you and work to keep you out of jail. We have experience with the most serious criminal matters and can help during this difficult time. To learn more about how we can help with your probation violation, contact an Oregon Defense Attorney at Kroll & Johnson right away.

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