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Fighting an Underage DUI with a Portland Defense Lawyer

Drunk driving is a serious crime for anyone, but it can be even more serious for someone underage. This is because drunk driving is one of the leading killers of young people, with more than 1,100 killed in 2012. States have responded to this with a zero tolerance policy, and this includes Oregon. If a young person has any alcohol in their system (meaning they blog a .02 or higher), they will face a DUII. A Portland Defense Lawyer can fight these charges and help prevent the serious penalties that come with a drunk driving conviction.

Penalties for DUII from a Portland Defense Lawyer

Driving under the influence of intoxicants can bring with it serious penalties for adults and teenagers alike. In Oregon, a first offense can bring with a $1,000 fine and 48 hours in jail. It also brings a mandatory 90 day license suspension which can bring with it an ignition interlock device in order to get a license fully reinstated. A Portland Defense Lawyer may be able to prevent these serious penalties and will fight for a young person’s freedom.

For first time offenders, it may be possible to enter an alcohol diversion program that will allow a person to have their license reinstated by entering a treatment program and attending a victim impact panel. This can be a good option for people. An attorney can discuss your options with you to find the best solution for your particular charges.

If you have been arrested for underage drunk driving in Oregon, contact Kroll & Johnson right away. We will aggressively fight the charges against you and work to achieve the best possible results for your particular case. To learn more about how a Portland Defense Lawyer can fight for your rights, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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