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Domestic violence charges are serious and if convicted of such charges, the convict’s life will forever be altered. Such charges are brought up and may be excessive for the situation or may be false accusations. If you are facing any domestic violence charges, it is crucial to speak with an aggressive domestic violence attorney who can defend you and make sure you are not held accountable for things you didn’t do.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, you may fail jail or prison time and oftentimes will result in losing contact with your children. A conviction can lead a person to have to leave their family home and have no contact with their partner and children. In addition, anyone convicted of domestic violence may not own a firearm.

In Oregon, police are often required to make an arrest if they arrive at a domestic disturbance. If one person is injured or if one person said the other threatened them, an arrest will likely be made.

Experienced attorneys can apply many defenses to domestic violence cases, including self defense, defense of others and the assertion that the charges are a fabrication of what occurred. We can examine your situation and will make a recommendation after taking some time to look through all the evidence.

If you are arrested in a domestic dispute, it is crucial to stay silent and say nothing. You only need to speak with a defense attorney because nothing you will say can improve your case at the time. Call us and we can be your advocate.


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