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Getting a Conviction Expunged with a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

Some people make mistakes when they are young but change as they get older. A person at 18 may not be the same person at 28 after they have gotten a bit more mature. Oregon law understands this, which is why there is a procedure to get a conviction expunged off a person’s record. This can help a person with education and job prospects by removing the stain of a serious criminal conviction. If you would like to undergo the process of getting your record expunged, a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney will give you the best chance possible for success.

Process for Expungement from a Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer

In order to get a criminal conviction expunged, you must first file a motion in the county in which you were convicted. You will have to also supply a set of fingerprints and an $80 fee if your case resulted in conviction. The prosecuting attorney will then review the facts of your case and decide in court whether to accept or reject this motion. A Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer can help with this process and make sure everything is timely filed in the proper venue. And they can argue your motion, explaining to the judge and the prosecuting attorney exactly why this conviction should be set aside or expunged.

A Portland Criminal Defense Attorney can advocate on your behalf and explain all the positives in your life since your conviction. The goal of the criminal justice system is not to punish people endlessly but to rehabilitate them to be productive members of society. If it can be shown that you are trying to be productive but are hindered by your conviction, it may be possible to get it removed from your record as if it never happened.

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