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Hiring an Experienced Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorney is a fundamental part of the American Criminal Justice system. The system at large is meant to be adversarial. This is to say that each party in a case is granted representation by an attorney if they desire to have it. In a criminal case, the “state” is the one “charging” an alleged offender with a crime and is represented by a criminal prosecutor. The accused is to be represented by a criminal defense attorney if he or she chooses.

It is often beneficial for individuals charged with misdemeanors or felonies to seek legal representation in court. In most cases, defense attorneys are successfully able to negotiate plea bargains, which allow for individuals to escape the most severe charges mounted against them. Ideally, the American criminal justice system presumes innocence and places the burden of proof on the prosecution to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the alleged crime. Criminal defense attorneys exist to discredit the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Ideally, if the evidence is discredited even in the smallest way possible to create reasonable doubt that the accused individual may not have committed the crime, then the defendant ought to be found not guilty. Although in practice, the American criminal justice system does not always live up to these fairly high standards, hiring an attorney when accused of a criminal act is often considered to be the most rational action to take.

At Kroll & Johnson, we have helped people across Portland and throughout Oregon fight serious criminal charges. We know how difficult it can be to face these charges and we will do everything possible to achieve the best outcome possible for your particular case. To discuss your case with an experienced attorney, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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