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If you are convicted of a misdemeanor and many types of felony, you will likely be place on probation. There are many standard conditions those on probation must observe and it is important to educate yourself should you be placed on probation.

First of all, you will have to pay a monthly supervision fee, courts fines, restitution and any other fines ordered by the court. The court will not bill you, it is your responsibility to remember these and make the payments.

You will not be allowed to use or possess any controlled substance except those you have a valid prescription for. You will have to avail yourself to testing for controlled substances or alcohol use if you have a history of abuse or have illegally used controlled substances.

You will likely need to remain in Oregon until you obtain written permission to leave. You will also need to seek out and maintain full-time employment, school or both.

If you move or change jobs, it is crucial to make sure you let the probation department know before making the change or you may face charges for violating your probation.

You need to remain open to searches of you, your vehicle or your premises upon request.

As always, you need to continue to obey all local, state and federal laws and answer all reasonable inquiries truthfully.

You may not possess a weapon, firearm or dangerous animal and must continue to report as requested to the probations officer.

If you are out on probation, you are nearly there! Make sure you follow the rules and you will be able to continue on your road back to a normal life. If you are facing any additional criminal charges, it is crucial to speak with our experienced criminal defense lawyers right away. Call for your free, initial consultation. 

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