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Immigration Status Not A Crime

Immigration has been a hot topic lately. An almost 30-year-old law in Oregon forbids local and state law enforcement from investigating any suspected federal immigration violations. However, some officials are pushing for change. At this time although it looks unlikely change is imminent, it is crucial to know the law if you are living in Oregon.

As chapter 181 of Oregon law states:

181.850 Enforcement of federal immigration laws. (1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

So, as the law stands currently, no police entity may use any resources to apprehend or detect a person who may be in Oregon illegally, violating United States federal immigration laws. That means no state or local police may use their resources to aid federal officials while looking into someone’s legal status either.

Two Oregon state representatives are seeking to repeal the state’s so-called sanctuary state law. Their efforts have not yielded much widespread support at this time, but if they would repeal the law, local law enforcement would be asked to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement groups in apprehending non citizens and immigrants here illegally.

It is crucial to know as it stands, local and state officials cannot start using resources to deport or check on any one person’s legal status unless it is directly connected to a specific criminal behavior. If you feel your rights have been violated or local resources were used to call into question your immigration statue, you may want to call and discuss your situation with our experienced team. We will fight with you. Call today for a free initial consultation.


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