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Improper Forensic Science as a Portland Criminal Defense

When the state introduces evidence against a defendant, it is vital for their Portland Criminal Defense to attack the foundation of the evidence if it sounds suspicious. Some forms of forensic evidence may sound convincing, but with further evidence they are shown to be completely inaccurate. The Innocence Project has 116 documented cases of people convicted based on shoddy forensic evidence only to be exonerated by DNA. If the police or prosecuting attorney is trying to bully you by using this unreliable evidence, you need a lawyer who will aggressively challenge the validity of the evidence.

Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer on Types of Improper Evidence

This report identifies three ways in which scientific evidence provides false convictions. They are:

  • Through methods that have not been vigorously tested or verified
  • Testimony provided by experts that misuse statistics or draws incorrect conclusions from the evidence
  • Misconduct in the collection or handling of the evidence

When providing a Portland Criminal Defense to clients accused of serious crimes, it is imperative that the attorney examine those three areas specifically to make sure the evidence against their client is valid. For instance, if the state is providing experts that may be misinterpreting data, the attorney needs to find their own expert who can properly interpret the data and cast reasonable doubt on the defendant’s guilt.

At Corbridge & Kroll, we aggressively fight all evidence against clients. A good Portland Criminal Defense means properly examining all evidence and testimony in order to find any holes that may exist in that evidence. While something may sound convincing on its face, with a little probing it may be found that the evidence simply does not hold up.

If you have been charged with a crime in Oregon, no matter what evidence the police may have, our experienced trial attorneys will fight for the best resolution possible.

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