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Improper Traffic Stops Explained by an Oregon DUI Lawyer

When the police pull a car over, there needs to be a valid reason for the stop. A person must be speeding, weaving in the lane, have some issue with their vehicle, or some other valid reason. If a police officer simply pulls a car over because they observed the vehicle leaving a bar, that would not be valid and any evidence from the stop could be thrown out. If you were arrested and feel the traffic stop was invalid, contact an Oregon DUI Lawyer right away.

Not only does a police officer need to have a valid reason to pull someone over, they need to have a valid reason to conduct a search of a person or of a vehicle. This includes giving someone a Breathalyzer to search their body for the presence of alcohol. Some common reasons police give for testing someone for alcohol include:

  • Glassy eyes
  • Smell of alcohol
  • Slurred speech
  • Trouble with coordination

Again, if police have no reason to search you or your vehicle, they cannot simply arbitrarily choose to search you. Of course, if you consent to a search of your vehicle or you person, then any search is valid.

Rules are in place to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. If police violate these rules and endanger you liberty, the attorneys at Kroll & Johnson can help. We will aggressively defend your rights if they have been violated and ensure that your liberty is defended. We will hold the police to the highest standard of the law, ensuring that any traffic stop or any search was legally permissible.

If you have been charged with DUII in Oregon, we can help. Contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation to learn more.

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