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Is it Possible to Be Acquitted of DUI with a Portland DUI Attorney?

Many people assume that a DUI charge cannot be beaten. They think that evidence is too strong and the process too stacked against them for any chance at victory. They figure they might as well save the money on the attorney so they simply go in and plead guilty. Unfortunately, they learn all too late that having this conviction on their record is much more costly than an attorney’s fee. With a Portland DUI attorney, it is possible to beat the charges and be found not guilty. Before simply pleading guilty, speak with a lawyer about your case.

When a police officer initiates a traffic stop, there are certain procedures he or she must follow. If they cut corners, it is entirely possible to have the evidence against you thrown out. Likewise, if doubt can be case on the veracity of the field sobriety test or your BAC level, you can be found not guilty. Some common defenses against DUI include:

  • Improper police stop
  • Improper search
  • Unverified testing equipment
  • Problems with the chain of custody of a given sample

A Portland DUI attorney will carefully examine your case to look for any police misconduct or any problems with the testing itself. If problems are identified, they will aggressively fight the evidence to have it thrown out.

Even if such problems are not found, a Portland DUI attorney will work to get you the best outcome possible for your particular case. In almost all cases, working with an attorney results in significantly better results than walking in an pleading guilty.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants in Oregon, contact a lawyer at Kroll & Johnson. We will pursue all angles and find the best defense possible for your charges. This way, you can be sure that you received the best representation possible during this difficult time. For an in-depth consultation, contact us today.

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