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Child Sex Offenses

Portland, Oregon Child Sex Abuse Defense Lawyer

The only thing more damaging and devastating than an allegation of sexual misconduct is an allegation with a child victim.  Due to the very nature of the charges, even otherwise reasonable people are quick to judge and jump to conclusions.  If a child is involved in the allegations against you, it’s safe to say that Measure 11 prison time is on the table.  A conviction for a crime of child sex abuse can destroy the rest of your life.  These cases require an experienced attorney with a capable support team behind.

Many allegations of child sex abuse are classified as “Jessica’s Law” cases.  In short, if someone is convicted of such a case, then they will do a minimum of 25 years in prison, regardless of their prior history.  Non-Jessica’s Law cases will range from 75-100 months in prison.

If you hire Edward Kroll, he and his team will thoroughly investigate the allegations against you to determine the strength or weakness of the state’s case.  In child sex abuse cases, we have learned that young children are particularly suggestible.  Their memories and their testimony can be corrupted, either by intent or by sloppiness.  The allegations may be fabricated by an angry ex-spouse, a parent-in-law, anyone else with a grudge against you.  The allegations may be planted by a well-meaning but inept child psychologist or interviewer.  We need to act quickly to gather evidence and fight for the most favorable outcome.

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Edward Kroll has extensive experience with sexually-based offenses, and knows how to defend you. Due to the serious nature of these accusations, consider contacting Portland sex abuse defense attorney Edward Kroll today for a free and confidential consultation, so we can begin developing your defense.

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