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Measure 11

Portland, Oregon Violent Crime Defense Attorney

Many violent crimes are designated as measure 11 crimes.  These crimes generally fall into the categories of Assault, Robbery, and Kidnapping.

Prison sentences for convictions of these crimes range from 70-90 months.  Due to the gravity of the situation, it is always recommended that you seek legal advice.  Edward Kroll is a former prosecutor who now specializes in defense of serious and violent crimes.

Measure 11 Charges in Oregon

Most Measure 11 charges fall into one of the following categories – click on the heading for more detailed information.

Portland, Oregon Measure 11 Defense Lawyer

A Measure 11 crime is the most serious charge you can face in Oregon.  Since 1994, certain violent and sexually-based crimes have been designated as Measure 11 charges, and they carry the harshest penalties of any crime in the state.

Conviction for a Measure 11 crime carries mandatory prison time, even if you have never been convicted, or even accused of anything in your past.  The lowest possible sentence for a Measure 11 crime is 70 months, and sentences can go as high as 300 months.

Any prison time ordered under a Measure 11 sentence is without reduction.  In other words, a person so sentenced will not be eligible for early release, alternative incarceration, or any time-reduction programs.  They will do every single day of the sentence behind bars.

When facing such serious charges, you need a defense attorney with the experience and the tenacity to give you the best possible defense.

Edward Kroll is a former prosecutor who now specializes in defense of serious crimes.  He has taken Measure 11 cases to trial, and knows full well how to prepare and argue your side of things.  This is your life on the line.  He takes it seriously.

Why Hire a Lawyer for a Measure 11 Charge?

Edward Kroll has seen the devastating effects of Measure 11 charges on his clients and their family.  Having an experienced attorney handle the case can bring a measure of sanity to an otherwise perilous time.  A successful Measure 11 defense is broken down into several parts:

Investigation.  We will employ experienced investigators – some of whom are former police officers – to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and find holes in the state’s case.  We will consult with experts who can assist in your defense.  Our biggest weapon in these cases is information, and the more we can collect, the better we can prepare your case.

Research.  We will examine the law behind the case, and see if there are legal or technical defenses we can bring to bear on your behalf.  Whereas investigation involves factual challenges to the state’s case, research allows us to make legal challenges as well, giving you the best defense on both fronts.

Case Management.  This can take several forms, depending on your case.  If your case is high-profile, we can take steps to counter or defuse misleading or false media reports.  Edward Kroll often appears as a guest commenter on various news shows, and understands how media attention can influence a case.  Another area of case management is personal service, to the accused and their family.  In such a difficult time, having clear and open communication can be key to avoiding even more stress.

Settlement.  Depending on the facts of your case and the charges, a Measure 11 sentence is not necessarily a foregone conclusion.  If you have no prior criminal history, did not use a firearm during the incident, and are facing a 2nd-degree charge, then it is possible to remove your case from Measure 11 and obtain a significantly lower sentence.  You would be eligible for time-reduction and early release programs.  Obviously, taking a plea bargain is not an easy decision, and we will make sure you and your family understand the consequences of any decision.

Trial.  If no settlement is possible or palatable, then we will prepare your case for trial.  Trial is a huge decision, as if you are convicted, there will be no leniency in sentencing.  Edward Kroll and his team will dissect the facts and the law of your case, and prepare extensively to defend you.  We will leave no stone unturned, and we will present a powerful, coherent defense for you.  Having an attorney who has tried Measure 11 jury cases before is a powerful weapon in your corner.

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Edward Kroll knows how to defend Measure 11 cases, and he knows how prosecutors prepare their cases for trial. Most importantly, he knows how serious and potentially devastating these charges can be.  Contact Portland Measure 11 defense attorney Edward Kroll today for a free and confidential consultation, so we can begin crafting your defense.

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