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Measure 11 Kidnapping Defense

Kidnapping in the 1st or 2nd Degree is also a Measure 11 offense, again carrying 70 or 90 months, depending on the degree.

Kidnapping the actor takes another person from one place to another place, against the other person’s will, or confines the other person in a place where they are unlikely to be found.  Absent any other circumstances, such conduct constitutes Kidnapping II.

The charge is enhanced to Kidnapping I if the actor intends to harm, terrorize, or hold the victim hostage.  If the kidnapping is accompanied by a first-degree sexual felony, then the kidnapping is also elevated to the First Degree.

The amount that the person is moved does not have to be great – simply moving someone from one room in a house to another room is enough to trigger this charge.

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