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Measure 11 Robbery Defense

Measure 11 Robbery is either Robbery in the 1st Degree or Robbery in the 2nd Degree.  Robbery I carries 90 months in prison, while Robbery II requires 70 months.  Robbery in the 3rd Degree is a non-Measure 11 felony.

Robbery I occurs when a person takes property of another, and the person is armed with a deadly weapon; uses a deadly or dangerous weapon; or causes serious physical injury, regardless of the presence of a weapon.

Robbery II is charged when a person, in the course of taking property of another, represents by action or words that they are armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon; or, regardless of the presence of a weapon, they are aided by another person actually present.

As with Assault, the definitions of “weapon” and “serious” can be very real defenses to Robbery.  It seems extreme to think that simply saying “I have a gun” is enough to get someone into Robbery II territory, especially when they are not armed, but that’s what the law says.  Defenses to Robbery can be complex, so having a good defense lawyer on your side is recommended.

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