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Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney on “Glock Blocks”

As previously mentioned in this Oregon criminal defense attorney blog, this state has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country. Residents of a block outside of Portland are taking advantage of these laws in order to protect themselves from criminal activity. This block is letting criminals know that they will not dial 911; rather, the residents have posted signs that they are armed and dangerous. By posting signs that warn criminals of this fact, residents home to prevent the property crimes that have plagued their neighborhood.


While this Oregon criminal defense attorney supports the right to bear arms, there is worry from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department that people untrained in firearm safety may wind up injuring themselves or others in attempting to use these weapons to defend their property. There is also a very serious question about whether a person would be justified in using potentially deadly force to stop property crime. This may suddenly create a criminal out of someone who is simply trying to defend their home against theft or vanadlism.

Self Defense Explained by Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney


Oregon state law lays out the times when physical force is justified. These instances include:

  • The threat of physical violence by another against person against an individual
  • The threat that a person is going to commit suicide or engage in serious self harm
  • The threat of someone against a third party

Notice that property crime is not listed on that justifications. Therefore, if someone witnessed a person stealing a statue from a yard and shot the perpetrator, they may be charged with a serious crime. We would urge all people to study the law and not suddenly need an Oregon criminal defense attorney because they used unjustified force against another person. Self-defense is an important right, but it is best to call police and let the professionals deal with a crime in progress lest you yourself wind up on the wrong side of the law.

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