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Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer: Benefits of the DUII Diversion Program

People who seek advice from an Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer often have questions about the DUII Diversion program in Oregon. This is a program eligible for certain DUII offenders and helps get their license back while avoiding further suspensions and penalties. While this will stay on a person’s driving record, it is generally better than simply going in and pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge and accepting the penalty. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, your attorney will likely first check if you are eligible for this program.

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer on Diversion Program Eligibility

This program is offered to DUII offenders who:

  • Has no drug or alcohol charges currently pending (aside from the DUII charge)
  • Has not received a drunk driving charge or similar charge in the past 15 years
  • Was not participating in a similar program on the date of his arrest
  • Has not been in a diversion program or similar program in past 15 years
  • Did not cause an injury accident in their alleged DUII

If you have been charged with felony DUI in another state, an Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer will need to check on your eligibility as a person with such a conviction on their record is also not eligible. This program, while having fees and other costs associated with it, is generally a good idea for most first time offenders. However, other options may exist, including fighting your charges.

If you have been charged with DUII, contact an Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer at Corbrige & Kroll who will find the best option for you. Whether it is entering this diversion program or aggressively challenging all the evidence against you, our experienced team of trial attorneys will find the best solution for your charges.

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