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Oregon Defense Attorney: Marijuana Increasingly Being Shipped via Mail

Many in Oregon are shipping marijuana through the US Postal Service at an increased level. This year, police have seized more than $1,000,000 in marijuana, compared to only $500,000 last year. Because marijuana has recently been legalized in the state, officials expect these shipments to increase. As an Oregon Defense Attorney, it is important to note that using the postal service to mail marijuana, even if it is within the state, constitutes a federal crime. Before shipping marijuana in the mail, it is important to understand that doing so could result in federal drug charges.

Oregon Defense Attorney on Sending Drugs Through the Mail

It is not just marijuana that is being sent through the US Postal service, however. Drugs are increasingly being sent through the mail after users set up purchases online. The federal government recently shut down Silk Road 2.0, a website where people from around the world could buy and sell drugs using BitCoin, an online cryptocurrency. Because of the sheer volume of mail sent through the Postal Service, it is all but impossible for them to find every package. Still, the federal government is on the lookout for these packages and will intercept packages if they are suspected of containing contraband.

If you are caught buying or selling drugs through the US Postal Service, it could result in federal drug trafficking charges. Even just a small amount for personal use could result in extremely serious charges, necessitating an experienced Oregon Defense Attorney.

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