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Portland Criminal Defense: 6 Language Tricks to Prompt a Confession

When a person is arrested for a serious crime, they are going to be interrogated by police. During this interrogation, a person has the right to an attorney. Some people, especially innocent people, worry that by requesting a Portland criminal defense attorney, it will make them seem guilty so they try to reason with the police. As this article shows, however, police are trained at getting people to confess to crimes, even ones they didn’t commit. If you are innocent and being interrogated by police, it is vital to remain silent and get a lawyer.

Like salesmen, a police interrogation is getting you to perform a specific act. But they can’t force you, just as a salesman can’t force you to buy a car. They employ certain tricks to get you to do what they want. Some common elements include:

  • Making the person feel they are in control
  • Making the person they are above the rest of the crowd
  • Giving the person a choice, then subtly pushing them towards the desired action

The difference between a salesman and a police officer, however, is that you can simply walk away from a salesman if you are being pressured. A police interrogation is not voluntary. Once you are under arrest, the police will interrogate you for many hours, breaking you down until they draw a confession out of you. By requesting a Portland Criminal Defense attorney police are, by law, forced to stop any interrogation until a lawyer is present.

Police are experts at interrogation. You need an expert at your side to prevent you from making a serious mistake. Whether guilty or innocent, it is imperative to have a Portland Criminal Defense lawyer with you who will ensure your rights are upheld. If you have been charged with a serious crime, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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