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Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer: Marijuana Still Not Legal in Oregon

While neighboring Washington has made marijuana completely legal, Oregon has only legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. There currently is traction in making marijuana legal in Oregon, but it is important for people to realize that it is still illegal under state law and can still lead to serious penalties. This is especially true for those charged with possession of an ounce or more or for someone growing marijuana. If you face a felony marijuana charge, you still need the services of a Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer, regardless of whether the drug is eventually legalized.

Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer on Felony Marijuana Penalties

A person can still be charged with a felony in Oregon related to marijuana if they are charged with one of the following:

  • Possession of one ounce or more is a Class B felony
  • Selling marijuana is also a Class B felony
  • Growing marijuana is a Class A felony

Even if you do not have an Oregon medicinal marijuana card, a person can get criminal charges dropped if they can prove that they are using the marijuana medicinally for a purpose that would otherwise be covered under the law. A Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer can discuss this law and find a viable defense, especially if you have a condition that qualifies you for medicinal marijuana in Oregon.

Although many observers expect marijuana to be legalized in the near future, it is important for people to understand that marijuana is still illegal and even if it is legalized, the state still intends to prosecute people charged before it was legalized. Therefore, if you have been charged with a marijuana offense in Oregon, it is important to contact a Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer who can successfully fight these charges. The attorneys at Kroll & Johnson can help preserve your freedom and prevent serious charges from appearing on your record.

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