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Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer: Oregon Man Arrested for March Bank Robbery

Robbery and other property crimes are taken very seriously by Oregon authorities. Property crimes involve crimes against another person’s property, including theft, burglary, arson, or shoplifting. Some crimes, such as robbery, can be classified as both a property and a violent crime, and the consequences can be very severe. In addition to direct criminal consequences that a court may impose, there also may be collateral consequences associated with property crimes. For example, the fact that a person has a criminal record could result in the inability to find employment or even the loss of certain rights. As a result, anyone facing criminal accusations should contact an experienced Portland criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to retain legal representation. A defense attorney may be able to have the allegations against you reduced or in some cases even dropped. Attorney Edward Kroll is a criminal defense lawyer who is committed to helping people accused of crimes mitigate any consequences they may face.

An Oregon man is currently finding out just how seriously authorities take bank robberies. According to a report posted at Oregonlive.com, a 30-year-old former Transportation Security Administration employee has been identified as the man who robbed a Wells Fargo branch in Gresham last March. Trevor Lee Schindler allegedly walked into the bank and handed a teller a note demanding money, leaving the bank with $4,767 in cash. He was identified after several people called investigators after surveillance video of the incident was released to the media.

Under Oregon Law, robbery generally is the use of force during the commission of theft. It is divided into three degrees, depending on the force used and whether a weapon was involved.

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If you are facing criminal allegations, you should contact an experienced Portland criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation. Attorney Edward Kroll is a seasoned defense lawyer who fights hard for his clients. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Kroll has unique insight into the criminal justice system and understands how the other side operates.

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