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Portland DUI Attorney: Man Get 48 Months for Death of Friend

A man has been convicted of negligent homicide and DUI from a drunk driving accident that killed his friend. The crash occurred at Southeast Division Street and 42nd Avenue in January. While the driver of the crash survived, his friend riding in the passenger seat was killed. This resulted in charges of second degree manslaughter, reckless driving, and DUII. He could’ve faced ten years in prison on the second degree manslaughter charge but under a plea deal worked out by his Portland DUI attorney he will only serve 48 months.

Drunk Driving Statistics from a Portland DUI Attorney

Police take drunk driving very seriously, especially when it involves an injury or death. Those accidents have severe penalties and require the attention of a Portland DUI attorney. The laws are this stiff because a disproportionate number of traffic fatalities are caused by drunk driving. In 2011, 97 people were killed in Oregon as a result of drunk driving. This represented almost 30% of all traffic fatalities that year. The good news is that this represents a 36% decrease from only a decade before.

This decrease is because Oregon has toughened the penalties for drunk driving. Now, for a first conviction, a person can receive:

  • A minimum of 2 days in jail, a maximum of a year
  • A fine of at least $1,000
  • One year license suspension
  • Installation of an interlock device

Subsequent offenses carry stiffer penalties, with a third charge in ten years a Class C felony. That charge can result in 5 years in jail and a permanent loss of your driver’s license. Because these convictions are so serious, it is wise to contact a Portland DUI attorney immediately even for your first offense. The attorneys at Corbridge & Kroll, LLC will work tirelessly to keep this charge off your record and get you the best outcome possible for your particular case.

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