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Portland DUI Lawyer: What is an Ignition Interlock?

Ignition interlocks have become very popular in many states as a punishment for drunk drivers. This device is essentially a breathalyzer hooked up to your car’s ignition system. Before the car will start, a person needs to blow into the interlock to prove that they have not been drinking. As the car is in motion, the ignition interlock will require a person to intermittently blow into it to prove that the driver is still sober (and to ensure that another person did not simply blow into it to start the car). If you worry that your drunk driving charge could require the installation of an ignition interlock, contact a Portland DUI Lawyer right away.

Portland DUI Lawyer on Who is Required to Install an Ignition Interlock

Oregon now requires some people convicted of drunk driving to install one of these devices on their primary vehicle. These people include:

  • Anyone entering a DUII Diversion Agreement
  • Anyone convicted of DUII in Oregon
  • Anyone convicted and revoked for DUII or other applicable traffic crimes that involved a conviction for DUII
  • Anyone granted a hardship exemption for a DUII

The length of time a person is required to keep this device depends on the specific circumstances of your arrest. In addition to driving around with this onerous device on your car, you will also need to pay upkeep fees and other costs. A Portland DUI Lawyer can help prevent a conviction and work to keep a person driving legally without this device.

If you face a drunk driving charge in Oregon, contact a Portland DUI Lawyer at Corbridge & Kroll. Our team of experienced trial lawyers will fight for your freedom and aggressively challenge all evidence against you.

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