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Repeat Property Offenses

Repeat Property Offenses in Oregon

Repeat Property Offenses (known as “RePO”) are handled differently than single-time offenses.  Per ORS 137.717, repeat property offenses carry mandatory prison terms.  Depending on the crime, it may take only one prior conviction to trigger the RePO sentence.  If the new crime is of a lesser degree, then two or more prior convictions may be required.

A Repeat Property Offense prison sentence can only be ordered upon conviction of a felony.  A property misdemeanor will never carry prison time, and a RePO sentence will never apply.

Repeat Property Sentences Without Any Prior Convictions

In certain circumstances, a person with no prior convictions at all can find themselves facing a RePO prison sentence.  However, a RePO sentence still requires proof of separate, or multiple offenses.  For example, if a person broke into two different cars on the same evening, then those are separate acts.  The RePO statute would allow for a presumptive prison sentence if they were convicted of both car break-ins.  The same thing would also apply if a person commits several felony-level shoplifts from the same store, on different occasions, before being arrested.

Dealing with a single property offense is difficult enough, but dealing with multiple offenses with prison on the table requires sharp, aggressive defense.

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