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Reasonable Doubt Explained by a Hillsboro Defense Lawyer

The cornerstone of the American justice system is “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” While many people know this, they may not fully understand just what reasonable doubt means. This means that there can be no reasonable doubt in the mind of a “reasonable person.” Oregon jury instructions define it as “proof that leaves (a juror) firmly convinced of the defendant’s guilt.” This is a high bar for the prosecution. A Hillsboro Defense Lawyer will work to create reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind about a defendant’s guilt. If they are successful, the jury is required to return a verdict of Not Guilty.

Burden of Proof Explained by a Hillsboro Defense Lawyer

In a similar vein, the burden of proof in a criminal case is on the prosecution. This means that the prosecution will be required to present evidence, call witness, and prove its case. The defense, on other hand, isn’t actually required to do anything. If the prosecution does not prove its case, the defense can remain silent and still have a successful outcome.

In general, however, a Hillsboro Defense Lawyer will work to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case by cross-examining witnesses and by working to discredit evidence. They may also present evidence that helps prove a person’s innocence or helps prove an alibi. This way, they can be sure they are doing everything possible to build reasonable doubt about their client’s guilt.

If you have been charged with a crime, Kroll & Johnson will do everything possible to build reasonable doubt about your guilt. We will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s evidence and work to persuade a jury of your innocence. We will fight to achieve the best outcome possible for your particular charges. To learn more about how a Hillsboro Defense Lawyer can help with your criminal charges, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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