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Reinvigorated Media Attention on Oregon Gun Control Laws

Recent events that have received national media attention have reinvigorated the national gun control debate, and Oregon gun control advocates have done their part to chip in. Oregon currently has some of the most permissive gun control laws in the county, and a proposed bill in the Oregon state legislature would place new restrictions on firearms.

According to a story published at KATU.com, Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene) has introduced four bills that would tighten gun control restrictions in the state. The report indicates that the gun control lobby has retreated on efforts to limit sales of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, but are advocating for other, less-intrusive, restrictions. The new legislations would:

  • Override the law that allows people with concealed-carry licenses to carry weapons in primary and secondary schools. There is the option for school boards to opt out and continue with their existing policies.
  • Ban open-carry in public buildings, while still allowing for concealed carry.
  • Impose background checks for all firearm sales and transfers. Sales and transfers between family members would be exempt from this provision.
  • Mandate that anyone seeking to get a concealed-carry handgun license to submit to a shooting test.

Critics of the measures argue that the proposals would not effectively address gun violence, and are useless restriction. Regardless of the outcome, the debate will certainly continue both locally and nationally.

While our gun laws are very permissive, the state of Oregon takes violations of gun laws very seriously. In addition, Oregon law allows for gun owners to be held civilly liable for gun injuries that are caused by negligence, and also allows for liability in a wrongful death lawsuit if a gun owner’s gun kills someone. Oregon is an open-carry state, meaning that people may openly carry firearms, but counties and municipal governments may issue their own restrictions. For example, the city of Portland has banned loaded firearms from all public places.

While firearms can provide recreation and make people feel safer, they can also be used irresponsibly and cause great bodily harm. If you are facing allegations of criminal behavior that involves firearms you should contact an experienced Portland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a FREE  initial consultation with Attorney Edward Kroll, contact our office today at (503) 352-9360. If you would prefer to reach us via email, please fill out the online contact form available on the right side of this page, and a member of our staff will be in touch with you soon.

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