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Restoring Your Second Amendment Right

If you have been convicted of a felony, several of your rights are stripped once you leave prison, including your right to own a gun. Many people truly miss this right and want to know if there is a way to restore their rights to own one.

While not all convicted felons may own a gun, many can work with a criminal defense attorney to regain their legal right to own a gun.

In order to be eligible to own a gun after being convicted of a felony, a person can not have been convicted of rape, murder or any other crime against another person. Additionally, he or she must have served a mandatory sentence. If you are still serving time for a felony conviction, you will not be eligible.

Finally, it must be more than one year since serving your time for your felony conviction before filing a petition to restore your rights.

Those who can show all these conditions are met and you are unlikely to reoffend may be perfect candidates for gun rights restoration. IF you reoffend after regaining your gun rights, you may face a harsher sentence for the offense.

By restoring your gun rights, you can be sure to avoid this charge for simply possessing a firearm. This is possible with the help of an experienced Oregon criminal defense lawyer.

At Kroll & Johnson, our experienced attorneys can work with you to help guide you through this process and show you are a changed person so you can regain your Second Amendment rights.

If you are a convicted felon seeking to restore your rights to own a gun, you will want to speak with our knowledgeable Oregon criminal defense lawyers who can fight on your behalf. Call us today for your free, initial consultation.

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