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Sex Crimes and Job Applications

If a person is convicted of a sex crime, they will face many challenges including finding a job. Since many job applications require a person to disclose criminal convictions, a person may find themselves shut out of most job opportunities. While an employer can’t automatically discriminate against you based on your conviction if you are in a protected class, they will be significantly less likely to hire you. By working with an experienced sex crimes attorney, you can give yourself the best chance possible to avoid this conviction and avoid the life-changing consequences that come with it.

Sex crimes are extremely sensitive cases that have many different elements. One element is any scientific evidence the prosecution may have. This includes DNA evidence collected from bodily fluids and similar evidence. It also relies on eyewitness testimony, often from children or the victim. This is extremely difficult to rebut – an Oregon Sex Crimes Attorney cannot challenge these victims too aggressively for fear of alienating a jury, but they must offer a defense to their accusations. It is a difficult line to walk and requires an attorney familiar with its delicacy.

These delicate crimes are difficult but not impossible to defend. But it requires the help of an attorney with experience handling these specific crimes.

At Kroll & Johnson, a defense lawyer will challenge all the evidence against you and fight to create reasonable doubt about your guilt. We have handled these sensitive cases and can give you the representation you deserve during this difficult time. No matter how serious the charges against you, we will ensure that your rights are upheld and that you are given a fair trial. To learn more about how we can assist during this difficult time, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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