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Social Media and Your Criminal Case from a Portland Oregon Defense Attorney

Social media has become an important part of many people’s lives. From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Vine, there are fast becoming many ways to instantly share our thoughts, dining choices, and more on social media. Unfortunately, this sharing can be a problem when a person shares a bit too much, especially regarding criminal activity. As a Portland Oregon Defense Attorney, it is important for people to remember that whatever you share online can be admissible in court, even if your account is private. Therefore it is always best to be careful when sharing online.

Expectation of Privacy from a Portland Oregon Defense Attorney


When it comes to certain features of the internet, there is an expectation of privacy. Email, for instance, is generally a controlled message sent from one person to another (or a controlled group of people). It is reasonable to expect this to be a private communication between two parties.

With social media, however, courts have consistently found that there is no expectation of privacy. Even if your account is private or protected, it can still be admissible in court. This is because the nature of social media is centered around sharing from one person to a large group. Because the user has no control over what happens once something is posted or tweeted, they cannot reasonably expect it to remain private.

As a Portland Oregon Defense Attorney, is best to keep certain things to yourself. If you have been arrested, for instance, don’t share details of your case online. Nothing good can come of it, and it generally creates problems for your lawyer.

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