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Technology Helps Potentially Prevent Drunk Driving

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in our society. They can even help prevent a person from driving under the influence of intoxicants in Oregon. These apps can help you monitor your drinking, check your reaction time, and other issues that could lead to a DUII arrest. As a drunk diving attorney, it may be wise to have one or more of these apps on your phone to help reduce your chances of being arrested.

To be clear, the only sure way to prevent a drunk driving arrest is to avoid alcohol entirely if you are going to drive. These apps are only general guides and should never be relied upon to prevent a drunk driving arrest. These are only for information purposes. But some apps that could potentially help when you are drinking include:

  • BreathalEyes – This app operates by detecting involuntary eye movements that occur when the eyes move from side to side. These movements are more pronounced when a person is intoxicated. In fact, they are what law enforcement officers look for when performing the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.
  • DrinkTracker – DrinkTracker is designed to help people keep track of the amount of alcohol consumed as well as provide the user with an estimate blood alcohol content level. It requires the user to input his or her age, weight, height and sex when setting up the app in order to perform the calculations
  • Intoxicheck – This app uses tests designed to determine whether a person is intoxicated by testing his or her reaction time, dexterity, memory, and judgment. It operates by setting baseline values when the user is sober and then measuring them against later attempts.

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