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See what past clients have said about Edward Kroll’s representation:

  • Ed scored a touchdown and made the two point conversion on my case. Simply put, he blew the prosecution out of the water. For this, I am eternally grateful. It was a pleasure to watch from a front row seat. Being a former prosecutor, he has the inside track on the game inside the courthouse, and he always keeps it professional — above the fray. In doing so, he builds rapport with judges and prosecutors alike. Rapport that will later pay dividends as he can score favorable pre-trial treatment, waivers of appearances, modifications of release agreements, and the like. Ed knows which battles to fight, and then still takes the prosecution’s lunch. I was accused of a misdemeanor, and opted to defend rather than accept a plea deal. Even as I was dealt numerous callback resets by the court, Ed and his firm stood by me throughout. At each reset, my case would get stronger and not weaker. In the runup to my trial, he had a razor focus on my case, and continued that way throughout the trial. He was able to compellingly summarize the facts of my case, articulate a succinct defense, and cite the relevant case law. Come trial time, he made the prosecution squirm, and their witnesses, including police, crumble. This is not a simple accomplishment, but a master in true form, Ed made it look easy. It requires strategy, attention to detail, a fast mind, and a person that can think on their feet to handle the prosecutor in real time as the accusations fly in the courtroom. Stunning oratory skills, superb litigator, persuasive, and to-the-point, I would trust Ed to represent me again, bar none. – Phenomenal prep throughout the case
    – Seamlessly integrated expert testimony
    – Excellent presentation of audio/video evidence
    – Once judge was assigned, laid out specific advantages/disadvantages of jury vs. bench trial – and he was correct!
    – Ordering of defense witnesses to achieve maximum advantage
    – Prosecution witnesses – what to expect from each, and how to counter.
    – My heart hung on every word that Ed said in court…I felt it was all substantial
    – Great office support staff!  Julian
  • “If you have any legal issues and you haven’t called Edward Kroll, you are making a big mistake.  I was charged with 4 felony counts. I had interviewed 5 attorneys to represent me because I needed the best. I finally decided on Edward Kroll. He wasn’t the cheapest nor was he the most expensive. His price was just right, but my life was more important than the money. He told me what all my options were. If convicted I could go to prison, or I could take a plea with the state which means I have a felony record but no prison time, or we go to trial.and he would argue my case till the end. I decided to go to trial even when most of the cards were stacked against me. Trial was in April 2012.  Right from jury selection process all the way to his closing statement, Mr Kroll brought his A game. He argued my case till the end and the jury found me not guilty on all counts.  ALL COUNTS! ALL!!!!!!!!! Win or lose I would still hire this young man. He will come to war with the biggest weapon. Thank you Mr. Kroll for giving me my life back. On 2nd day of trial, I could tell Mr. Kroll stayed up all night preparing. The judge did not allow us use a major part of our defense. Just when I thought my life as I know it is over, Mr. Kroll creatively found a way around it on the spot. The whole 2day trial felt like an episode out of the tv show “The Practice” and he was Bobby Donnel played by Dylan Mcdermott. The best decision I ever made in my life was hiring Mr. Kroll. I am still in shock… Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for fighting for me. If you are reading this and you or anyone needs legal advice on anything, you need to be calling Edward Kroll right now!! “  –Walle
  • “NOT GUILTY! after 2 days jury trial, I am free again, I am so grateful that I had Mr. Kroll as my attorney. He really cared about me and my family, very experienced and working hard, understand situation caused by different cultures, really an excellent lawyer, he is the best.  –Chuck
  • “I was referred to Ed by another attorney for this case. From the beginning, I knew that it was going to be a tough case. It was my word against the traffic police. I was unsure if the fact that I had refused the breathalyzer test was going to hurt or help my case. But one thing for sure was that my previous DUIs caused this case to be a criminal case with a possible 90-day jail time and a lifetime suspension of my license. I knew I had to win.Ed kept me informed and never made unrealistic promises. He was honest and straightfoward. I was most impressed with Ed on the day of trial. He not only dressed to impress but also had his game face on. The district attorney was no match for him. He was thorough and effective during the juror selection process. Ed’s cross examination forced the officer to make mistakes that worked in our favor. Ed came prepared with strong evidents and won the jurors over with his convincing opening and closing statements. His performance made the DA look like a newbie.

    Overall I was very pleased with Ed’s performance regardless of the outcome. However, I’m glad that we won the case. I would definitely recommend Ed to anyone I know. His performance speaks for itself.”

    –Chol Yoo