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The Breathalyzer Explained by a Portland DUII Lawyer

One of the key pieces of evidence against a person accused of drunk driving in Oregon will be a Breathalyzer test. These tests use a person’s breath to measure their blood-alcohol content. If it registers .08 or higher, a person will be charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants. Even if it is below this level, a person can still be charged with DUII. While some people think this is airtight evidence, in reality these tests are prone to error. If you have been charged with DUII in Oregon, contact a Portland DUII Lawyer who will aggressively challenge the evidence against you.

Examples of Breathalyzer Errors from a Portland DUII Lawyer

Since so much rides on the accuracy of these tests, it is vital for a police department to make sure that these machines are properly calibrated. This should include regular testing and maintenance to ensure the veracity of the readings. If it can be shown, for instance, that a police department has not tested their machines for a lengthy period of time, it may be possible to cast reasonable doubt on your BAC readings. If this is the case, it can potentially result in charges being dropped entirely.

Some people simply plead guilty to drunk driving without speaking with a Portland DUII Lawyer. They simply assume that the evidence against them is too much to fight, so they accept the serious penalties that come with drunk driving. Before doing so, take advantage of the free consultation to ensure you are making the right decision.

At Kroll & Johnson, we will aggressively challenge any evidence against you, including the Breathalyzer test. We will ensure that your rights are respected and that the police are held to the highest standard of the law. To learn more about how a Portland DUII Lawyer can help after your drunk driving arrest, contact Kroll & Johnson today for a free consultation.

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