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The Importance of a Portland DUI Lawyer for Licensed Professionals

While a DUII is serious for everyone, those with a special license to practice their profession have significantly more at stake. Because professionals have to reapply periodically for this license to practice, a conviction for drunk driving could have a serious impact on whether that application is accepted or rejected. If you require a license for your field and have received a DUII in Oregon, you need the help of a skilled Portland DUI Lawyer. This way, you can protect not only your freedom but also your livelihood.

Defending your Professional License with a Portland DUI Lawyer

Those who could be affected for a DUI in Oregon include:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Pilots

These are often high stress fields that can lead to substance abuse, including alcoholism. A Portland DUI Lawyer can advise on the best course of action to help a professional maintain their license and inform the professional of any special requirements that may accompany a DUII conviction. For instance, pilots who are charged with a Motor Vehicle Action have to report this to the FAA. Preventing a conviction can help a person avoid such reporting requirements and avoid a license suspension or revocation.

You may also have a board inquiry for your respective license after being arrested. If so, a Portland DUI Lawyer can represent you during this proceeding and advocate on your behalf. This representation can be key in showing that you are taking the offense seriously and are taking responsibility for your actions. It will also give you the best chance possible at a positive outcome regarding your license.

If you are a professional charged with drunk driving in Oregon, the stakes are extremely high. At Corbridge & Kroll, we will fight to prevent a conviction and fight to help you keep your professional license. For a free consultation regarding your DUII arrest, contact Corbridge & Kroll today.

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