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What is the Age of Consent in Oregon?

The age of consent is the minimum age a person can be to consent to sexual activity. In Oregon, this age is 18. Up until this age, a minor cannot legally consent to sex. If you have been charged with statutory rape, a Portland defense lawyer can fight these charges and help defend your liberty.

There are certain defenses to statutory rape. For instance, if a person had reason to believe that a person was 18, they can potentially be found not guilty. An example would be a man who goes to a bar and meets a girl. Because she is in a bar and because she is drinking alcohol, this man would have reason to believe she was older than 18. If it turns out she’s actually 17 and had been using a fake ID, the man could potentially raise the affirmative defense that he thought she was of age.

This defense cannot be raised if a person is younger than 16. In the above scenario, if the girl were actually 15 but all the facts were still the same, the man could not raise the defense that he thought she was of age. He would still face criminal prosecution for this sexual conduct.

There is an exception for those who are close in age, specifically within 3 years of one another. This means that a person who is 18 could legally have sex with a 15 year old. But once this person turned 19, they would be unable to engage in sexual conduct with this partner until he or she turned 16.

Statutory rape is serious offense in Oregon. If you have been charged with this crime, you need an experienced defense lawyer at your side. At Kroll & Johnson, we have helped many people charged with serious sex crimes and will do everything possible to achieve the best results for your case. For a free consultation, contact our office right away.

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