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Will my Marijuana Conviction be Expunged?

Oregon recently passed marijuana legalization, but those who have previous convictions may wonder if this will expunge their conviction off their record. A bill recently passed in the Oregon Senate would do just that, expunging certain convictions for marijuana possession and amending others. The bill recently passed would allow those with a marijuana conviction prior to 2013 would allow those convictions to be expunged. It would also allow a judge to reclassify a previous felony marijuana conviction as a misdemeanor. If you currently have a felony arrest on your record for marijuana possession, speak to a defense attorney who can answer questions about your specific case.

This is very good news for those with a felony conviction because felonies can carry with them penalties that last a lifetime. They restrict access to guns, can restrict voting rights depending on which particular state a person lives in, and can cause problems with employment. Amending this down to a misdemeanor can help these people convicted of nothing more than pot possession.

As Oregon implements marijuana legalization by July 1, it is important to note that people can still be arrested for the illegal sale of marijuana. Pay close attention to this law to make sure that you don’t inadvertently wind up landing yourself in serious trouble. It is also important to note that even though marijuana is legal at the state level, it currently remains illegal at the federal level. It is entirely possible that the federal government could choose to enforce the law and arrest those involved in the marijuana trade in Oregon. There is a movement underway to change this, but there is nothing imminent at the federal level.

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